Photo of Eva Chu
Eva Chu
Piano, Flute, Theory

Eva graduated from the York University with a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Flute and Piano. With more than a decade of teaching experience, Eva’s students received outstanding awards and achievements from the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, Kiwanis Music Festival and Markham Music Festival.

RCM Examinations and Gold / Silver Medalists
Students who obtained the highest marks in each level of RCM examination in Ontario
2021 – RCM Level 6 Theory ~ First Class Honours with Distinction, 100%
2013 – Grade 2 Gold Medal in Flute
2011 – RCM Level 8 Piano ~ First Class Honours with Distinction, 91%
2009 – Grade 4 Silver Medal in Flute

Credentials: B.A., ARCT (in Flute), ARCT (in Piano)

Photo of Kenneth Sin
Kenneth Sin
Flute, Theory

Kenneth is an experienced orchestra player, chamber musician and teacher. He has played in various orchestras during his years of study, including Amadeus Summer Orchestra, Welsh Chamber Chorus and Orchestra, New Hong Kong Philharmonia, Viva Chamber Orchestra and the Inheritage Philharmonic. He has formed the Odyssey Trio with Kenny Lim and Meiyi Yip from Malaysia in 2019 to give chamber recitals. In 2020, Kenneth founded FulooFuloo Flute Quartet with other three local flautists.

After graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, under the tutelage of Ms Ivy Chuang, Kenneth furthered his study at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, where he studied with MsSarah Newbold, Mr Matthew Featherstone, Ms Elizabeth Ma and Mr Andrew Lane. He attained his Master Degree in Music in Flute Performance with Merits in 2019.

Treasuring every opportunity to learn from famous flautists worldwide, Kenneth has been admitted to international flute summer schools and festivals. He has complemented his studies with master-classes from world-class flautists including DnisBouriakov, Seiya Ueno, Loic Schneider, Philippa Davies, Paul Edmund-Davis, Aldo Baerten and Sebastian Jacot. Kenneth furthers his flute study with Mr. Brian Chan.

As a devoted educator, Kenneth was one of the flute instructors at Hong Kong Harmonious Wind Ensemble and Hong Kong Wind Ensemble Summer Camp.During his study in Cardiff, Kenneth volunteered to take part as a tutor in the outreach program organized by BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

Credentials: M.Mus., B.S.Sc, ATCL

Photo of Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
Clarinet, Flute, Recorder, Saxophone

Daniel studied under Robert Riseling of the University of Western Ontario during his high school years. After winning the Golden Reed Award in 1992 at Music Fest Canada (as the top clarinet player in the high school ranking), he received a full scholarship to attend the Arizona State University and study under Robert Spring for a Bachelor of Music in Clarinet Performance.

After then, Daniel worked at the University of Memphis as a Teaching Assistant and completed his Masters in Clarinet Performance. While at Memphis, he opened his own clarinet studio and played regularly in the professional musical community. Since leaving Memphis and returning to Canada in 1999, Daniel has played professionally and taught woodwinds at Pro-Music, helping students progress from making their first sounds to receiving scholarships at universities.

Daniel is an accomplished player on clarinet, flute, and saxophone. His students succeed in many endeavours including the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, Arts York auditions and university entrances.

2017 – Ontario Provincial Honour Band ~ Clarinet
2016 – Ontario Provincial Honour Band ~ First Clarinet | ~ Bass Clarinet
2015 – Denis Wick Canadian Wind Orchestra | York Region Enrichment Band
2014 – York University ~ Music Education, major in flute
2013 – Received $3000 scholarship from York University for Music Education
2013 – Principal Chair in Ontario Provincial Honour Band
2012 – Arts Unionville ~ Clarinet | University of Ottawa ~ Clarinet & Music Education
2011 – Received $2400 scholarship from University of Toronto for Music Education |York University ~ Music Composition | University of Toronto |Laurentian University
2010 – Ontario Provincial Honour Band ~ Clarinet
2010 – University of Western Ontario ~ Clarinet
2008 – Arts York ~ Clarinet
2007 – University of Toronto, Music Department

Credentials: M.Mus., B.Mus.

Photo of Joe Varga
Joe Varga
Cello, Flute, Recorder, Trumpet, Violin

Joe began studying the violin in 1970 and trumpet in 1972. He also studied the piano. He has more than 45 years of teaching experience. He prepares students for the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, university entrance and auditions.

Besides teaching, Joe has been in the musical products industry for nearly 40 years. His main field of interest in this area is repairs and restoration of the stringed instruments.

In all aspects of his musical career, Joe has held high standards of quality and professionalism, and endeavoured to impart such attitudes to his students so that they may excel at their own pursuits.

RCM Gold Medalist
(Students who obtained the highest marks in each level of RCM examination in Ontario)
2017 – Level 3 Gold Medal in Violin ~ 93%