2024 RCM Summer Theory Session

RCM Exam Registration (In Person)
* Theory / Harmony / Analysis exams
RCM Theory Exam Registration Open : April 2, 2024
RCM Theory Exam Registration Deadline : June 4, 2024
Exam Dates: August 9 or 10, 2024

RCM Exam Registration (Online)
* Theory / History exams
In the middle of the course, teacher will notify parents when is the best time to purchase the exam. *Do not register before the course begins.

Our experienced music theory teachers come from different fields of music, including Bachelor, Master Degree in Music and RCM Examiners. We prepare students for the Royal Conservatory of Music theory exams. Pro-Music students have scored 100% in Rudiments and History exams. We recommend students to take these classes alongside their private instrumental lessons. A theoretical background will enhance their performance and appreciation of music.

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$12 Registration Fee applies to New Students.

Our teachers

What our parents and students have to say…

Parent of Theory Class, 2021

Dear Nancy

I'd like to share the good news with you, Shirley got 96 for her Gr. 5-8 theory exam ( exam 56.86, online practice 39.43). Much appreciated for your teaching, a good teacher really helps a student to get rid of difficulties, arouses interest, and improves confidence. Thanks a lot for all your hard work, strict requirements and teaching with heart and soul. All your efforts are appreciated. Thanks a lot for bringing such happiness to Shirley and me.

Have a nice weekend


Student Testimonial, 2017

To Nancy:

"I wanted to thank you for your efforts in teaching me. I finished the exam and I am very confident that I will at least get honours. I could not have gotten nearly close to where I am now without your help. I am thankful that you saw the potential in me, and pushed me to succeed. Your help may have made a successful future in music much more likely to happen. Thanks!"

Jonathan Mastrogiacomo, Advanced Rudiments Student (Summer 2017)

Parent of Theory Class, 2016

Hi Nancy

I am sending the email to say a BIG thank you for teaching my daughter, who was in your class--Advanced Rudiments with Pro Music in July. The exam result came out yesterday. She got 100! I couldn't believe it, and very excited. My daughter had challenges at the beginning, even after mid-term. You not only taught her a lot; but also motivated and encouraged her to do well. We are impressed by your dedication and passion to children---you stayed late every night to answer their questions and to correct their work. Without your help, she won't be able to make it thus far. My daughter asked me to pass on her THANK YOU as well. She said you are a strict but very nice teacher. 🙂

Mrs. Wang