Photo of Nancy Cheung
Nancy Cheung
Piano, Theory

Nancy graduated from the Faculty of Music at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and holds First-class Honors in Theory Research and Piano Performance. She is a proficient piano teacher in both Hong Kong and Canada with over 15 years of experience. Her students have won competitions in major music festivals such as Kiwanis and Canadian Music Competition and achieved outstanding examination results. Nancy believes that music education adds value to one’s life and her teaching approach emphasizes the development of self-discipline, the ability to focus, and the appreciation of arts.

In addition to classical music, Nancy is also actively involved in contemporary church music, improvisation and accompaniment.

Nancy’s student obtained RCM Regional Gold Medal. Many of her students received excellent results in piano/theory exams and numerous awards from various music festivals.

RCM Regional Gold Medal:
2021 – Level 4 Gold Medal in piano

Music Festivals and RCM Exams:
Level 8 Theory – 2021 ~ 100% | 2020 ~ 100% | 2019 ~ 100% | 2018 ~ 100%
Level 9 History – 2021 ~ 99% | 2020 ~ 98% | 2019 ~ 98% | 2018 ~ 99%
Level 10 History – 2020 ~ 96% | 2019 ~ 100% | 2018 ~ 98% | 2017 ~ 100%
ARCT History – 2020 ~ 94% | 2019 ~ 96% | 2018 ~ 96%
2019 – Yip’s Music Festivals, Level 3 ~ 1st Place
2019 – North York Music Festival, Level 4 ~ 2nd & 3rd Place
2019 – First Class Honours with Distinction in RCM exam, Piano Level 7 ~ 90%
2019 – Unionville Music Academy Competition, Piano Level 8 ~ 1st & 2nd Place | Level 4 ~ 1st Place | Level 6 ~ 1st & 2nd Place
2018 – Yip’s Music Festivals, Level ARCT ~ 2nd & 3rd Place
2018 – Markham Music Festivals, Level 5 ~ 1st Place | Level 3 ~ 1st & 2nd Place |Level 7 ~ 1st & 3rd Place
2018 – North York Music Festival, Level 6 ~ 2nd Place
2011-2017 – see Pro-Music Newsletters

Credentials: B.Mus., LTCL.

Photo of Ron Cheung
Ron Cheung
Theory, Vocal

Ron graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters Degree in Choral Conducting. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the McMaster University. He was winner of the Elmer Iseler Conducting Fellowship Award and the Peter Sheehan Memorial Scholarship.

Ron is the Artistic Director and Founder of Voices and the Healey Willan Singers, as well as the Conductor of the Yip’s Children’s Senior Choir (Canada). From 2001 to 2005, he conducted the Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir.

Ron’s student attained excellent results in RCM examinations:
2017 – RCM Frist Class Honours with Distinction, Level 6 Voice ~ 91%
2017 – Level 5 Theory – 98%
2014 – Student was accepted to the Arts Unionville Program


To learn more about Ron’s career and updated news, you can visit his website at

Credentials: M.Mus., B.Ed.

Photo of Bernadette Choy
Bernadette Choy

Bernadette possesses extensive experience in the realm of music education. She has been teaching piano for over two decades, while also delving into the intricacies of music theory, harmony and composition. Furthermore, Bernadette has served as a part-time lecturer at esteemed institutions including The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) and the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), and several local community colleges and high schools. In recognition of her teaching, Bernadette was honored with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Medici International Music Competition in 2022.

Bernadette enjoys and learnt a lot while working with a variety of students, and takes great pleasure in guiding them to discover solutions and embark on a lifelong hobby through music lessons. She also believes students who learn music tend to develop more systematic thinking skills and foster more pleasant and confident personalities. Under her guidance, many of Bernadette’s students actively engage in school music performances, competitions, and achieve distinctions in ABRSM examinations. Meanwhile, most of her HKDSE Music students achieved attained impressive results, with some achieving the top-tier 5** result. Several of her students have successfully gained admission to music programme in renowned universities worldwide, including the University of Toronto and the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Bernadette is pursuing further studies at the University of Toronto currently, working towards a Master of Music degree, while working as a Teaching Assistant, she provides ear training and theory tutorials to music undergraduate students at UofT. Bernadette received her first Master’s degree in Composition of Music for Film and Television from the University of Bristol, U.K in 2007. She is also a holder of the Licentiate Diploma in piano recital (LTCL). Throughout her studies, Bernadette received guidance from distinguished pianists Francis Mo and Cui Shiiguang, as well as Prof. David Gwilt, Prof. Chan Wing Wah, and Prof. Chan Wai Kwong in areas such as orchestration, music composition, harmony, and theory.

Credentials: M.A., B.A.(Hons), LTCL.

Photo of Eva Chu
Eva Chu
Piano, Flute, Theory

Eva graduated from the York University with a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Flute and Piano. With more than a decade of teaching experience, Eva’s students received outstanding awards and achievements from the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, Kiwanis Music Festival and Markham Music Festival.

RCM Examinations and Gold / Silver Medalists
Students who obtained the highest marks in each level of RCM examination in Ontario
2021 – RCM Level 6 Theory ~ First Class Honours with Distinction, 100%
2013 – Grade 2 Gold Medal in Flute
2011 – RCM Level 8 Piano ~ First Class Honours with Distinction, 91%
2009 – Grade 4 Silver Medal in Flute

Credentials: B.A., ARCT (in Flute), ARCT (in Piano)

Photo of Kenneth Sin
Kenneth Sin
Flute, Theory

Kenneth is an experienced orchestra player, chamber musician and teacher. He has played in various orchestras during his years of study, including Amadeus Summer Orchestra, Welsh Chamber Chorus and Orchestra, New Hong Kong Philharmonia, Viva Chamber Orchestra and the Inheritage Philharmonic. He has formed the Odyssey Trio with Kenny Lim and Meiyi Yip from Malaysia in 2019 to give chamber recitals. In 2020, Kenneth founded FulooFuloo Flute Quartet with other three local flautists.

After graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, under the tutelage of Ms Ivy Chuang, Kenneth furthered his study at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, where he studied with MsSarah Newbold, Mr Matthew Featherstone, Ms Elizabeth Ma and Mr Andrew Lane. He attained his Master Degree in Music in Flute Performance with Merits in 2019.

Treasuring every opportunity to learn from famous flautists worldwide, Kenneth has been admitted to international flute summer schools and festivals. He has complemented his studies with master-classes from world-class flautists including DnisBouriakov, Seiya Ueno, Loic Schneider, Philippa Davies, Paul Edmund-Davis, Aldo Baerten and Sebastian Jacot. Kenneth furthers his flute study with Mr. Brian Chan.

As a devoted educator, Kenneth was one of the flute instructors at Hong Kong Harmonious Wind Ensemble and Hong Kong Wind Ensemble Summer Camp.During his study in Cardiff, Kenneth volunteered to take part as a tutor in the outreach program organized by BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

Credentials: M.Mus., B.S.Sc, ATCL

Photo of Carlie Yip
Carlie Yip
Vocal, Theory, Piano

Carlie graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. She holds the Licentiate Diploma in Recital in Voice (LTCL) and Associate in Musical Theory, Criticism, and Literature (AMusTCL) from Trinity College London. Her voice training included studies with Ms Clara Yee-Kuen Yip, Mr. Jimmy Chan, and Ms Siu-Kwan Chan. Over the years, Carlie has presented recitals and been invited to give solo performances, including notable roles such as the AIDS Virus Leader (Female) in the Hong Kong Youth Choir’s production of Boys & Girls-Musical AIDS (World Premiere), an original Cantonese musical by HKYC’s Resident Composer, Mr. Raymond Cheng. She also performed as the soprano soloist in the concert featuring John Rutter’s Mass of the Children presented by HKYC and in the oratorio The Kingdom of God, arranged by David Clydesdale at Rhenish Church (Kowloon).

With 25 years of experience, Carlie has served as a choir conductor and music teacher in elementary schools. She spent 16 years at La Salle Primary School, leading the school choir to multiple victories, including Championships at the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (HKSMF) and the Gold Award at the Hong Kong Joint School Music Competition.

Carlie actively immersed herself in the Hong Kong choral scene as a member of the Music Office Youth Choir, City University Choir, Hong Kong Youth Choir, Opera Hong Kong, and Die Konzertisten. Additionally, she played a pivotal role as a founding member of both the Hong Kong Chamber Choir and Luster—an a cappella group, engaging in diverse genres such as classical, church, oratorio, opera, musical, a cappella, folk, pop, and jazz.

Credentials: BA(Hons), LTCL, AMusTCL, Cert. Ed.