Photo of Andrew Cheng
Andrew Cheng
(Piano & Adaptive Music Education) (Vocal Singing Group)

Andrew is acclaimed by his professional colleagues as an inspiring musician and a deep-and-far reaching coach for both professional and amateur choral and orchestral units. Andrew holds a Master Degree from University of Cincinnati in Choral Conducting and a Bachelor Degree from Hong Kong Baptist University in Music and Fine Arts.

Besides performing work, for the past two decades, Andrew has been facilitating a vocal care workshop “Rediscovering your lost voice” that includes resolving different vocalizing symptoms and issues, like cracks, monotone, limited range, breathy tone, sore throat, etc., through an orientation of personal expressivity, connectedness and interactivity with oneself and others.

As a music educator, Andrew is experienced in personal development programs for well being. He is currently the Music Education Consultant at Potential Development Association, responsible for developing music program for SEN learners that includes Music Education programs for Special Educational Need, Autistic and Developmental delayed Learners in particular.

From 1998 to present, he is engaged in a series of arts education, community and personal developmental programs, starting with a Baroque seminar with Dr. Angela Tam (1998), forming the Macau Anglican church choir (2000), developing conducting program at Universidad de Javeriana in Bogota, capital of Colombia, South America (2001), directing and overseeing the Yuen Long Children’s Choir of over 20 groups (2002-2006), involving in LCSD arts development programs at local schools (2005-2008), founding the Hong Kong Arts Academy for Children (2008-2012).

Credentials: M.M., B.A.

Photo of Ron Cheung
Ron Cheung
Theory, Vocal

Ron graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters Degree in Choral Conducting. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the McMaster University. He was winner of the Elmer Iseler Conducting Fellowship Award and the Peter Sheehan Memorial Scholarship.

Ron is the Artistic Director and Founder of Voices and the Healey Willan Singers, as well as the Conductor of the Yip’s Children’s Senior Choir (Canada). From 2001 to 2005, he conducted the Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir.

Ron’s student attained excellent results in RCM examinations:
2017 – RCM Frist Class Honours with Distinction, Level 6 Voice ~ 91%
2017 – Level 5 Theory – 98%
2014 – Student was accepted to the Arts Unionville Program


To learn more about Ron’s career and updated news, you can visit his website at http://www.ronkmcheung.com

Credentials: M.Mus., B.Ed.

Photo of Cecilia Deng
Cecilia Deng
Piano, Vocal

Cecilia has over 15 years of experience in teaching piano and singing to young children and adults. She began to learn piano at the age of 5 and vocal at 12. She holds a Master of Early Childhood Teaching from the University of South Australia, a Master of Translation and Interpreting from the Macquarie University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance from the Xinghai Conservatory of Music.

Cecilia comes from an extremely musical family and music has always been a prominent part of her family’s life. Having worked across Canada, Australia and China as a music teacher, she prepares students in classical and folk music, and her approach combines both classical and contemporary techniques. She ensures students find the incredible joy that comes with playing piano, singing and performing while learning excellent techniques that enable them to tackle any music piece of any genre. She tailors a unique plan for each student in order to achieve their goals.

Credentials: M. ECT., M.T&I., B. Mus.

Photo of Mira Jung
Mira Jung
Piano, Vocal

Mira’s first memory of music-making is when she was five years old, playing the ‘Flea Waltz’ on her cousin’s piano. At the age of ten, she became an accompanist for her music classes at her school and for weekly masses at a local church. Her love of music grew as she learned to play other instruments, which led her to earn a Bachelor of Music degree with Honours from the University of Toronto in Music Education.

Being a member of several choirs, Mira had pleasures and honours to perform at venues such as Koerner Hall, Roy Thomson Hall, and Lincoln Center.

As an active performer of piano and voice, Mira is very enthusiastic about passing on the joy of music-making to students of all ages. She strives to find different approaches for each student so that the learning is effective and pleasant.

Credentials: B.Mus. (Honours)

Photo of Carlie Yip
Carlie Yip
Vocal, Theory, Piano

Carlie graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. She holds the Licentiate Diploma in Recital in Voice (LTCL) and Associate in Musical Theory, Criticism, and Literature (AMusTCL) from Trinity College London. Her voice training included studies with Ms Clara Yee-Kuen Yip, Mr. Jimmy Chan, and Ms Siu-Kwan Chan. Over the years, Carlie has presented recitals and been invited to give solo performances, including notable roles such as the AIDS Virus Leader (Female) in the Hong Kong Youth Choir’s production of Boys & Girls-Musical AIDS (World Premiere), an original Cantonese musical by HKYC’s Resident Composer, Mr. Raymond Cheng. She also performed as the soprano soloist in the concert featuring John Rutter’s Mass of the Children presented by HKYC and in the oratorio The Kingdom of God, arranged by David Clydesdale at Rhenish Church (Kowloon).

With 25 years of experience, Carlie has served as a choir conductor and music teacher in elementary schools. She spent 16 years at La Salle Primary School, leading the school choir to multiple victories, including Championships at the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (HKSMF) and the Gold Award at the Hong Kong Joint School Music Competition.

Carlie actively immersed herself in the Hong Kong choral scene as a member of the Music Office Youth Choir, City University Choir, Hong Kong Youth Choir, Opera Hong Kong, and Die Konzertisten. Additionally, she played a pivotal role as a founding member of both the Hong Kong Chamber Choir and Luster—an a cappella group, engaging in diverse genres such as classical, church, oratorio, opera, musical, a cappella, folk, pop, and jazz.

Credentials: BA(Hons), LTCL, AMusTCL, Cert. Ed.