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Laura received her Masters Degree and Bachelor’s Degree from the Niznyi Novgorod State Conservatory, Moscow Pedagogical Institute and Moscow Gnessin School of Music in Russia. When studying her Masters Degree in the Central Music School of Moscow State Conservatory, Laura had a good opportunity to be the Assistant of Anna Danilovna Artobolevskaja, from whom she learned the outstanding and unique method of teaching young musicians.

Laura was also the co-writer of the Treatise of Piano Instruction “Pervaya Vstrechas Musikoy” (First Meet with Music). This instruction book is still widely used and published today.

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Laura’s students received Top Prize at the International World Piano Competition in Cincinnati; First Prize at the Cresendo International Music Competition with performance at the Carnegie Hall, New York; First Prize at the National Finals of the Canadian Music Competition; Silver Tray Intermediate Piano Trophy Final Winner and Rose Bowl Senior Piano Trophy at the Toronto Kiwanis Music Festival; Best Festival Trophy at the Yip’s and Markham Music Festivals as well as the CCC Music Competition.

2020 – Unionville Music Academy Competition, Provincial Piano Inter Concerto ~ 2nd Place
2019 – Markham Music Festival, Level 8 ~ 3rd Place
2019 – Yip’s Music Festival, Level 9 ~ 3rd Place
2019 – Unionville Music Academy Competition, Level 3 ~ 1st Place | Level 10 ~ 3rd Place | Level 7 ~ 2nd Place
2018 – The Kiwanis Music Festival, Level 9 ~ 3rd Place
2018 – Markham Music Festival, Level 3 ~ 1st Place
2018 – North York Music Festival, Level 4 ~ 3rd Place

Credentials: M.A.,B.A.

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